Fighting Sagging Breasts

Jana Thompson in BikiniLike it or not breasts are one of those things that give a woman the finishing touch, it adds the curves to their body and makes them look full and beautiful, ask the average guy about breasts and most will say it’s the second thing they look after a woman’s face.

There are many factors that can cause sagging breasts, gravity is the number one culprit and the larger the breasts the more likely they are to sag, besides gravity the breasts have ligaments which support the breasts, that is why its very important for women with bigger breasts to wear a well supportive sports bra. Performing certain sports activities will create a lot of movement such as jogging, tennis or aerobic exercises, doing these types of exercise can stretch the ligaments and the skin causing the breast to sag, which is why good sports bra is important.

Breasts after pregnancy

After pregnancy a woman’s breasts become full with milk and will remain that way for a period of time, especially if she promotes breastfeeding, during that period the milk ducts increase in size, making the breasts larger, when she discontinues breastfeeding the milk ducts begin to shrink this is called breast involution, what happens then is the inner milk ducts shrink making the breasts look smaller and in many cases they lose their fullness and begin to sag. This also happens to women who are going through menopause.

Weight loss and weight gain

Rapid weight loss or weight gain is another big contributor to sagging breasts, in fact, I have seen many women join a gym and begin a rigorous diet and exercise program, sure they lose weight fast but everything begins to sag, not only in their breast but in other body parts. Gaining weight will also increase breast size causing the skin to stretch, dropping that weight quickly does not give the skin enough time to shrink back to normal, which can cause severe sagging. If you do plan on losing weight do it slowly this will give your skins natural elasticity time to shrink back to normal.

Wear your braless

There are several theories that wearing a bra more can weaken the underlying breast muscles or can even prevent the underlying muscles from developing as they should, causing the breast to sag, in fact, there have been a few studies performed, one particular study was performed by French scientist Jean-Denis Rouillon on over 300 women between the ages of 18 and 35 the study found that women who did not wear a bra had a 7 mm lift compared to the women who did There was also no evidence that wearing a bra helped women with larger breasts reduce or eliminate back pain.

View the article on the study here

Exercise can play a big role in reducing and preventing sagging, exercises such as dumbbell flyes, pushups and dumbbell presses can firm the underlying muscles and make your breast fuller and firmer, using a breast cream can also help. Products such as Brestrogen contain herbs that can help firm and lift breasts by naturally enlarging the milk ducts making them fuller and firmer.

Surgical procedures are also very common but risky, breast lifts can be performed but Avy-DSC_0987often leave scar tissue and while it does lift the breasts, scar tissue can take away from the esthetics. Saline or silicone implants are another alternatives but once again the risks can outweigh the benefits, especially considering that implants can shift or rupture.

Natural is beautiful

In spite of the media, breasts will droop and sag to some extent, its just part of nature. Sagging is normal and most men will not find it unattractive, the important thing to know is that if you do experience some degree of sagging there are always things that can be done to reduce it.

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