Making Both your Breasts the Same Size

Lady in black bikino top measuiring breast sizeIt is not uncommon for us to have one body part that is bigger than the other, a foot or a hand will differ slightly in size and the female breast is no different, this is known as breast asymmetry, there is really no known reason why this happens.

There are theories that it could be caused by an injury early in life “adolescence” or hormonal changes when women are younger, while most people will not notice it, you do. Sometimes it’s most noticeable when you put your bra on and one breast fills a cup better than the other.

Can your breasts be evened out

Some will say you need a surgical procedure to make them both the same size but surgery may be a little extreme, there are some inexpensive methods you can perform to make your breasts a little more even.

Breast massage

Massaging the smaller breast is a way to slightly increase it in size, while this may seem ineffective, using a bust cream and massaging the breast will promote blood flow, stimulating tissue growth. Massaging every day can trigger prolactin which is a hormone that helps breast develop during puberty. The best way to massage your breasts is to use some soft cocoa butter lotion or a natural massage lotion, then using a circular motion massage inwards for a couple of minutes.

Breast enlargement pump

Not to be confused with a breast pump that extracts milk from nursing mothers, there is actually a breast enlargement pump that can be used to increase your bust size. The Noogleberry is something that helps women naturally increase the size of their bust,this procedure is what is know as “vacuum therapy” you attach a breast cup over each breast and use a hand pump to create suction, this also stimulates blood flow to the breast, creating new tissue growth. In this case you would just use the Noogleberry on the smaller breast to make it equal in size of the larger one. Using a pump is very easy and it only requires about 15 minutes of your time each day.

Herbal creams

Bust creams contain several different herbs, one of the more common herbs is something called Pueraria Mirifica, what it does is mimic hormone production helping increase the size of the underlying milk ducts, this makes the breasts larger, in this case, you could a apply a breast cream to the smaller breast to even it out, generally speaking to slightly increase the breast in size would take no more than 4 to 7 weeks.

A padded bra

A bra made of thinner material can more easily expose the difference in breast size, using a padded bra will make both breasts look more even, making the size difference much less noticeable.

In reality as mentioned above having one breast larger than the other is perfectly normal, sure there are some extremes, but realistically most guys won’t care if one is larger or smaller than the other, in fact as long as you keep your bust firm, the size difference will be irrelevant.

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