Why Most Women Don’t Succeed with Natural Breast Enlargement

Girl measuring chestThere are many women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts and that’s perfectly normal, we would all like the perfect body, but that takes a lot of hard work and of course, genetics play a very important role in our physique.  There are very few women that have a goddess like  figure and if they do, its probably because they have either been blessed with great genes or have had some kind of cosmetic surgery.

Breast enlargement surgery is one of those cosmetic surgeries that are most in demand, unfortunately, it has its risks, over time those saline or silicone implants can rupture or shift, which means one or both may need replacing.

Natural breast enlargement alternatives are available to increase your breast size, however most women who try natural breast enlargement or NBE usually fail, it’s not because of the products they use, its because most women have high expectations of what can be achieved, and secondly the majority of women are not willing to put in the effort or time to make their dream a reality.

Natural breast enlargement is real and does work

Many women think that the breast enhancement creams sold online are gimmicks and don’t work, yes some of them don’t, but many of them do, in fact if you do a search on the ingredients found in many of the popular breast creams,  you will find that most of them have been used for the sole purpose of making a woman’s breasts larger.

So why do women fail with NBE

Natural breast enlargement is no different than dieting or exercise, if we go to the gym Oroental Woman applying breast lotiontwice a week what happens? Absolutely nothing, the same thing goes with dieting,  if we eat a good breakfast and lunch but then pig out on fast food at night,  what happens with our weight, you got it! Nothing, if anything we gain more.

In order to build our physique or lose weight we need to be consistent and follow some basic rules and stick with them, if we do,  we will see results and we will improve the look of our body.

Natural breast enlargement is no different; most women fail because they are not consistent and don’t stick with a program, if you do your research and find a good product and stick with it you will see results but not overnight.

Be patient!

Unlike surgery natural breast enhancement will not happen overnight, it takes time, most breast creams or supplements generally take about 7 weeks before you begin to see results, real breast growth takes about twelve weeks. If you are consistent with your routine there is no reason why you cant increase your breast size two cup sizes larger in about six months.

Different breast enlargement methods

There are several different methods you can use to increase your breasts size, breast creams are the most common method, but there are other options such as using breast enlargement pump, and actually combining a breast cream alongside a breast enlargement pump you can speed up growth.

The bottom line is if you are seriously considering increasing your breast size without surgery it will happen,  just not overnight; the best thing about going natural is that it is much safer than surgery, but if you are still not convinced that natural is for you and you have the money,  breast surgery might suit you better.

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