Women Need Patience for Natural Breast Enhancement to Work

Young woman with attractive breastsNatural bust enhancement is a popular way for women to increase their bust size, natural enhancement has many advantages, it can reduce sagging breasts and make them fuller and firmer. One reason women fail using natural methods is because most don’t have the patience to stick with a program or to be consistent.

Regardless of the method you choose you must know it will generally take about 8 weeks before you begin to see results, for some women it can take longer,  after 4 to 8 weeks you should see at least one cup size larger, the longer you use a particular method the more noticeable the results become.

Choosing the right product

The biggest mistake women make is selecting the wrong product, if you are seriously considering a natural method to increase your bust size you need to be honest with yourself, for starters there are some questions you should ask such as:

  • What is your current cup size
  • How much bigger do you want your breasts
  • Are your expectations realistic
  • Do you have the patience to wait for results
  • What is your budget

Women with very small breasts will initially want to avoid a bust enlargement cream because the gains will be minimal, a breast enlargement pump would be a better choice, it is more capable of producing new tissue growth and better results. Women who have used a pump have achieved tremendous gains, some up to 4 cup sizes larger.

Herbal creams are more suitable for women with a B cup size or larger, you should know up front that the max size you can expect to grow is two cup sizes. The average woman will grow a cup size and a half. It usually takes about 7 weeks to gain a full cup size. The average cost for a 3 month supply will cost around $300.00, while this is cheaper than surgery you need to make sure that the price fits within your budget.

Cheaper methods

There are cheaper methods that don’t cost as much, but they also take time and effort, one  of the cheaper methods is using a breast enlargement pump, the Noogleberry for example costs around $70.00 which includes a hand pump with two medium breast cups. The Noogleberry is a cheaper alternative to a bust enhancing cream, plus it does have its advantages. Using a pump can increase you bust size between 3 and 4 cup sizes larger but there really are no growth limitations, once you have outgrown your current cup size you can always purchase larger cups to continue growth.

Either method mentioned above can have a significant impact on your bust size and does not require much effort, using a cream is as simple as massaging it on to the breasts twice a day, morning and evening for a minimum of 3 months.

Using a breast enlargement pump requires 15 minutes of your time everyday and of course the longer you use it the more your breasts will grow. Most women have achieved tremendous gains but it does require some time, dedication and more importantly patience,  but if you can wait it out you will be pleased with your final results.

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